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Whether your demands are for system integrators, or SMEs, or a sole trader, or just for individual usage like camping and trolling-motor, you can put your trust on our top-quality, lightweight, dependable lithium-ion batteries.

Best Choice for Your Off-Grid Energy System

Nowadays the majority of new home energy storage technologies widely use lithium-ion chemical composition. Lithium batteries are lighter and more compact than lead-acid ones. They also have a higher DoD and longer lifespan. Thanks to higher useable capacity, lithium batteries are more cost-effective. With high-quality inverters, you can set up your trust-worthy on/off-grid energy system.

Indispensable Essential for Your Caravan

Lithium batteries are half the weight of lead-acid batteries and take up a much smaller footprint. All supply high peak power yet can also be used as deep cycle batteries and ensure your electricity supply for those who free camp.

Retrofit and Reinvent Your Electric Forklifts

Electic forklift powered by lithium batteries returns you with lots of benefits: increased productivity, reclaiming space, buying fewer batteries, reduced risk, charging without damage, free maintenance, etc. Lithium-ion batteries can fully charge in just one hour - eight times faster than a lead-acid battery. Powering three shifts a day with lithium batteries comes true.

Last Longer. Go Farther. Play Better.

A good golf cart has to supply power consistently and maintain speed continuously on any course terrain. Lithium batteries manage this perfectly as they do not have voltage dips which slow your cart down.

You Enquire and Make Demands. We Design and Make Batteries.

There is no demand that we can’t meet. There is only demand that you didn’t imagine. Where there is a demand, there is a solution. Enquire now and get your unique batteries in 6~8 weeks you need.

Why You Can Rely On

Since its founding, TOPLi has been committed to shifting and reshaping corporate clients' business features and future, and improving lifestyle for individual users as well. Click to see how and what a big warehouse benefited from electric forklifts after switching lithium batteries.


Not sure which battery you need? Looking for packages, kits or Customizations? Whatever your power challenge, we’ve got a Practical solution.